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IndSoft System a leading Web Solutions Company with more than 20+ years experience in deployment and management of Master Nodes, IT & Cloud Infra is extremely proud to announce partnership with XinFin Network. IndSoft Systems empowers XinFin Community Members to launch and own masternode without any technical expertise.

IndSoft Systems will setup and manage master nodes for such community members. What more for a very limited period you get to own masternode for 13 month by just paying only for 12 month. This means you get to earn additional tokens rewards for 1 month without any additional charges.

Step to Setup MasterNode:

1. Order Master Node & Make Payment
2. Complete XDC KYC Formalities
3. Stake XDC
4. Start earning XDC in rewards

A special offer is valid only for the first 50 customers.

Order Online:

For the package details visit:

Need help to get started, watch this video:

If you need any further information please email us at

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