Though there’s no doubt that cloud adoption has been growing multi-fold over the years, Dedicated Server is still being used by many companies big and small to provision their hosting requirements. We try to look at some of the advantages Dedicated Server Offered compared to Cloud Hosting.

Visibility of Cost

All parameters of the Dedicated Server are known in advance. Your server resources and price will remain know to customers. With fixed cost company can have long term visibility of investment that would be incurred for hosting services. You can plan and deploy

Flexibility and Control

For many businesses, a huge benefit of dedicated hosting is that it allows for greater control over the critical components of the server. This is because with a dedicated server hosting you can manage the configuration of the server. This gives you the flexibility of customizing the server to meet your needs for RAM, CPU, software and disc space. It also means you can upgrade it as appropriate to meet the growing needs of your business.

Access to Unique IP Address

Each server has its own IP address, which is a numeric identification of each server’s internet location. If there are multiple websites on the same server, they all share the same server IP address. A unique IP Address is required for many security settings & Page Gateway too.

Guaranteed Up-time

With absolute control over all the components of Server, You would ultimately be able to achieve maximum up-time with your dedicated server.

Reduced Overheads

Using dedicated hosting can be a low-cost way of accessing the resources and hosting providers will handle all associated expenses like setup, monitoring, and management of allied equipment otherwise cost of building and maintaining the equipment which in turn increases your return on investment.

All of the benefits highlighted above can make dedicated server hosting a great option for your business. The enhanced reliability that it can provide can optimize performance levels. This ensures that your website loads fast, which ensure your customers are satisfied. It can also represent good value for investment.

At IndSoft Systems, our Dedicated Server Hosting provides a powerful, high-speed solution utilizing only the best hardware available. Our Dell PowerEdge Servers are fully customizable to meet your needs and accommodate your future growth. Offering a wide range of server specs, we can also offer customized specifications, designed specifically for your business.

Our support team will always be available to your business, meaning we are on hand to provide assistance when you need it.

Using IndSoft Systems service you could effectively reduce around 10–30 % of your hosting charges, For a very limited period we are offering 1 month free hosting for all dedicated servers, Which comes with an annual payment plan. Get in touch today to find out how dedicated server hosting could benefit your business.

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