Unlike shared hosting, both a VPS, short for virtual private server, and a dedicated server give your site its own resources. However, they accomplish this in slightly different ways and at radically different price points, so you’ll want to make sure you choose the right solution for your needs.

Let’s understand first, what is Shared Hosting & Dedicated Hosting,


VPS hosting differs from other web hosting plans. VPS hosting stands for virtual private servers and it allots you access to more resources. VPS hosting tends to limit the number of websites on a single server, and provides a reserved space on the server for your website’s disk space and bandwidth.

This means when using a virtual private server, your website won’t be affected if another website on your server has a spike in activity. There are also more customizations available to VPS hosting users. VPS hosting is perfect for sites that are too big for shared hosting, but too small to move to a dedicated server.

Let us see some pros and cons of using VPS hosting.

Pros :

  • Easily upgradable.
  • Virtual Private Servers (VPS) are relatively cheap.
  • There are more VPS servers on offer than Dedicated Servers.
  • A VPS server can be created much faster than a dedicated server.
  • Just like with a Dedicated Server, you will get a complete root access.

Cons :

  • Less powerful than dedicated servers.
  • Require more technical knowledge.
  • Support will be slower.
  • While VPS hosting is more secure compared to shared hosting, it’s not as secure as dedicated server hosting.



If your website requires more resources than VPS hosting can provide, then you can upgrade to dedicated hosting. Dedicated hosting is when a server hosts only your website. It is completely dedicated to you. This means your website benefits from increased privacy, security, bandwidth, storage space, and speed.

The downside to dedicated hosting is that it is the most expensive web hosting setup, and requires a decent amount of IT skills to manage. However, if you value unshared resources, peak website performance, and greater control of programs and security, dedicated hosting is the way to go.

Let us see some pros and cons of using dedicated hosting.

Pros :

  • Higher performance.
  • High level security.
  • Complete customization.
  • Best support when required.

Cons :

  • It is expensive than other hosting.
  • Requires skilled person for customizations.

What is the difference between VPS Hosting and Dedicated Hosting

 1. Resource Allocation

VPS Hosting : The resources of the physical server are split into multiple virtual environments in case of a VPS Server. Each of these environments works in isolation, and the communication between the virtual server and the physical server is achieved through hypervisors.

Dedicated Hosting : Massive resource limits are flexible month-on-month depending on your needs.


2. Security

Security remains a major concern for most website owners, especially for those who store personal information of the user, such as an e-commerce website storing credit card details. In terms of security, both the hosting options offer a high level of security as both of them provide private or isolated server space for their clients. Also, with root access available on both, any security feature can be installed on the server that can act as an iron-clad barrier against cyber threats.

VPS Hosting : You can install your own security software, but are still pretty vulnerable if other sites on the server have a security breach.

Dedicated Hosting : You’re in charge of your own security, and can install software to protect your site without relying on others.


3. Performance

Google has included website performance, including site speed and user experience, as one of the most important factors in its SEO algorithm

VPS Hosting :  You get the allocated amount of resources which can help your website load quickly and consequently improve user experience, unless multiple sites on the server have traffic surges simultaneously.

Dedicated Hosting : Dedicated Server is considered one of the best solutions for website hosting in terms of performance. With a Dedicated Server at your disposal, you may never have to worry about sharing the resources. Thus, Dedicated Hosting guarantees optimum performance and high page load speeds.


4. Configuration and Customization

Both the hosting solutions give complete root access to the user, meaning they can tweak the server to their advantage. However, this may require prior technical knowledge of playing around with the server as any misadventure can lead to locking out of your website. This issue can be easily resolved by taking the managed plan options which come with both the hosting types.

VPS Hosting : Technical set-up can be done for you with a managed plan, and resources are flexible based on your site’s performance and that of those on your server.

Dedicated Hosting : Again, technical set-up and support isn’t too much of an issue with managed plans, and you can customize your site with additional software.


5. Scalability

Scalability is the extent to which your hosting plan can grow with your website. This can be thought of like the growth of a tree.

VPS Hosting : A great type of hosting to grow with your site, given its flexibility and the generous resource available.

Dedicated Hosting : You’re already at the summit. You can upgrade your plan, but you shouldn’t really need to scale up much more.


6. Price

For most people stepping into the world of website hosting, shared hosting advantages outweigh its limitations.VPS and dedicated hosting are alternatives you can consider when your website requires more processing power, storage space, and customization. However, they come at a much higher price. Save yourself from unnecessary costs by understanding what each web hosting package offers, and what your website really needs.

VPS Hosting : Cheaper than dedicated hosting with a nice affordable price range, usually around $39 per month for the cheapest Indsoft VPS Hosting.

Dedicated Hosting : The most powerful and most expensive type of hosting, usually ranging from $79.99 per month for the cheapest Indsoft Dedicated Hosting.


VPS hosting is best for small business websites or large personal sites. It’s the logical step up from shared hosting, and has all the flexibility and resource you need to scale.

If that sounds like you, then we’d recommend taking a look at Indsoft. Indsoft came top from our research findings, with the largest resource limits, great support, and an uptime of 99.97%.

Dedicated hosting is best for medium to large business websites, or influencers who experience large volumes of traffic. It’s the best form of hosting you can get, boasting almost infinite resource and unrivalled performance.

Indsoft stands head and shoulders above the rest as the best dedicated hosting provider. Indsoft is known for its stellar 99.99% uptime and abundance of brilliant features.

If you are someone looking for an upgrade from a Shared Hosting plan, then you may be looking at an option between VPS Hosting and Dedicated Server. The VPS Hosting vs Dedicated Server is a never-ending debate. However, it all comes down to your website’s specific requirements. If you are looking for a hosting solution that gives you robust performance and reliability without having to put a big hole in your pocket, then VPS Hosting may be a good option. At Indsoft, our VPS plans come equipped with a user-friendly cPanel and instant provisioning of resources. We also provide full root access so that you can install the operating system of your choice.

Once you have decided which type of hosting is best for your website, Indsoft can provide affordable packages for your specific needs.

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