As the COVID-19 virus outbreak rattles global economy, disrupts supply chains, companies across every industry are confronting a stark reality: Business will not go on as usual. Small and medium business enterprises, with their limited resources, have been the worst affected. While some choose to close their operations completely, few choose to operate with severe restrictions. Uncertainty environment has prompted consumers to delay their investment plans, further worsening the situation. Cloud is committed to supporting such small and medium enterprises during these difficult times has launched Free Cloud Credit Program. With Cloud Credits SMEs can buy a host of services like Cloud, Web Hosting Plans and Email Solution + Productivity Tools costing between $ 100 — $ 200 currently. For a similar service, customers abroad pay over $ 350. Today we are taking the bold step of giving these solutions for Free, as our commitment to Spirit of Singapore Entrepreneurship “stated Murphy John from

To qualify for this limited time Offer, Business needs to fulfill the following criterion:

1. The business should be registered in Singapore

2. The company turnover should not exceed over 1 Million

3. Should be in business for a minimum of 2 years

How to get these services:

1. You need to visit the website:

2. Fill up the form and upload supporting documents

3. On approval, users would be emailed credit codes, which will qualify for Free Credits

4. For more details on service, you could call us at + 65 9824 3763 or email us at

About IndSoft Cloud ( Cloud is a Global Cloud Specialist competing with companies, We offer resilient internet infrastructure for businesses. Our Solutions include Cloud Services Managed Hosting and Enterprise Email Services, Since our inception in 1998, We’ve committed ourselves to be the world’s leading hosting provider competing with AWS, Microsoft Azure, Alibaba Cloud. Our exceptional solution guarantees the use of the best technology, robust infrastructure, and high-tech support to deliver clients with the most satisfactory cloud experience.

Terms & Conditions:

1. To qualify for and receive any promotional credit, Users must qualify the requirements as indicated. Users understand that this is limited time, limited number offer only. Filling the form does not necessarily qualify users for credit.

2. Customers must have a valid IndSoft account

3. All credits are for one-time usage and valid till 31st March 2020

4. Credits cannot be transferred or to other Accounts/Users/Individuals

5. Credits cannot be encashed or replaced except through IndSoft Services other forms

6. IndSoft Free Credits can be deployed only for hosting products like Web Hosting, Email Solutions, VPS, Dedicated Server Cloud only. This credit could not be used for Domain Registration/Renewal or any other services

6. IndSoft reserves right to change T&C

7. In case of any disputes arising for the usage of Free Credits, IndSoft would have the sole rights to decide

8. IndSoft privacy policy applies

9. Customer understand that since this is a Free Credit, Users Details are Subjected to verification/Clarification

10. Depending upon the service requested, Order is sometimes processed manually and can take 12–96 hours for deployment

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