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Crypto enthusiasts must be aware of the term “masternode” within the crypto niche. Despite Masternode being a pretty attractive proposition for users in seeking unique investment opportunities. Masternodes opportunities are not widely discussed

While investors focus on earning through crypto fluctuations, Masternode can offer a unique proposition to earn stable returns though not everyone can wrap up their heads around this concept. If you happen to fall in this bracket of curious investors always on the lookout of unique opportunities, then the next section will motivate you in masternodes investing.

Investing in a cryptocurrency masternode
1. Value-Added Services to Crypto EcoSystem
Unlike a regular node, a masternode bears more features to handle transactions of crypto. Operating one enables a user to gain extra services such as increasing the transaction privacy, or allow for democratic governance on the crypto ecosystem. Aside from this its allows for fast transactions while enabling a treasury system within the cryptocurrency market.

2. Greater Profits
Investing in a masternode sets you on a path to earn steady passive income for a long time. You can receive regular payouts depending on the payment terms. rates to reward your holding in the blockchain network.

3. Bitcoin/ Ethereum Mining Alternative
Unlike an investment in Bitcoin mining, masternodes main advantage is their less energy consumption when it comes to mining. A masternode uses 1000 times less energy compared to standard Bitcoin/ Ethereum based PoW based mining.

As per MasternodesOnline, there are currently 276 masternode coins worth $533,496,885. The following sums up more of the top masternode coins with the most stable returns offers and policies.

[a.] DASH
Currently, DASH makes up 42.05% of the total masternode market, having started as among the first few cryptos to introduce the concept in 2014. As it stands, DASH offers an ROI of 6.71% annually for invest 1000 Dash to become a Dash masternode.

[b.] Zcoin
Zcoin(XZC) operates its ‘Znodes’ using the Zerocoin protocol for best financial anonymity and privacy. Becoming a Zcoin masternode investor will set you back 1,000 XZC, but you can expect an annual ROI of 15.50% from the cryptocurrency.

[c.] PIVX
PIVX operates as a PoS Coin, allowing for a PIVX masternode. Investors will need to pledge at least 10,000 PIVX to earn an annual ROI of 10%.

[d.] XDC Network
XDC Network runs on XDPoS (XinFin Delegated proof of stake) and provides a one-click installer to set up a masternode setup and need 10Million XDC and return between 8-12%pa. This Blockchain Network has grown very fast

What is a Managed MasterNode Provider? How does it benefit?
Setting up and management of Masternode requires special expertise, Unlike normally cloud hosting. A managed masternode provider like IndSoft Systems ( can offer complete masternode-as-a-service for investors having limited to no knowledge of how masternodes operates. But that’s not all, If you choose the right provider’s chances are save up to 30% compared to other big cloud services like AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Alibaba Cloud. With quick research we were able to stumble upon a few services provider like, who were offering a wide range of managed masternode services

Now that you know the basics of investing in masternodes, its only natural that you feel chipping in for the potential returns. If so, do not hesitate to pattern with us before you establish the currency to invest. If you are looking at setting up masternode connect with IndSoft Systems today at (

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