What is a Cyberattack ?
A cyberattack is deliberate exploitation of computer systems or Computer technology-dependent enterprises and networks. Cyberattacks use malicious code to alter computer code, logic or data, resulting in disruptive consequences that can compromise data and lead to cybercrimes, such as information and/or identity theft.

As per Radware’s Global Application and Network Security Report 2016-2017 revealed that 49% of businesses confirmed being the subject of a cyber-ransom campaign in 2016. What’s more, 27% of IT professionals surveyed chose data leakage or loss as a key concern when faced with a cyber-attack, while only 19% chose service outage, 16% selected reputation loss, and just 9% cited customer or partner loss.

Other Importance Research cameout with :

Companies are still not prepared to face the threat landscape:
-> 40% of organizations do not have an incident response plan in place;
-> 70% percent do not have cyber-insurance; and
-> Despite the prevalence of ransomware, only 7% keep bitcoins on hand.

At Indsoft Systems, We feel strongly that Private Cloud can to reduce the risk of an attack. Since Such Private Cloud will have Higher Security and Control, Can be Access from Private Network and Location Flexibility May Add more Physical Security check.

You can download Full report from : https://www.radware.com/ert-report-2016/

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