An Overview of Dedicated Hosting

If your website requires more resources than VPS hosting can provide, then you can upgrade to dedicated hosting. Dedicated hosting is when a server hosts only your website. It is completely dedicated to you. This means your website benefits from increased privacy, security, bandwidth, storage space, and speed.

The downside to dedicated hosting is that it is the most expensive web hosting setup, and requires a decent amount of IT skills to manage. However, if you value unshared resources, peak website performance, and greater control of programs and security, dedicated hosting is the way to go.


What Is Dedicated Hosting? 

A dedicated server is a form of website hosting that gives you access to an entire physical server. It is an entire server that’s reserved for your use. You get all of the resources available on that machine and a dedicated server typically gives you lots of resources. 

With this kind of plan, you’ll get more disk space and more inodes than a shared hosting plan. For example, our Power Server plan includes 16GB RAM, a 2TB HDD and unmetered bandwidth. You’ll have root access, and you can configure the hosting environment any way you want. 

However, with a dedicated IP server, you’re also responsible for ongoing server maintenance, optimization, and the initial server setup. If you don’t have the necessary technical skills you may need to bring on another team member or opt for a managed dedicated host. With a managed dedicated server the hosting provider you choose will provide additional support, along with assistance with server setup and maintenance


Why Use Dedicated Hosting?

  • Control : As the single tenant of a dedicated environment, an organization’s IT staff control the server, its apps and operating systems.
  • Flexibility : Businesses can easily change server configurations, add new software and adjust resources to meet their needs.
  • Performance : An organization can optimize a dedicated server to support their most demanding applications and performance requirements.
  • Security : Businesses can customize the server to help meet their security and compliance needs.


Below are the advantages and disadvantages of Dedicated Hosting :

Pros of a Dedicated Server

A dedicated server can provide a ton of advantages for the right kind of user. Here are some of the biggest benefits you’ll receive when upgrading to a dedicated server.


1. High Level of Performance

When using a dedicated server you have the full power of the server behind you. You won’t be sharing any server bandwidth, disc space, memory, or any other processing resources with other users. As a result, you’ll get an incredibly high level of server performance.

If you have a very large and high traffic site and are reaching the limits of your dedicated server, you can also upgrade hardware components to support your growing site.


2. Ability to Customize Your Server

When you’re using a VPS hosting plan you’re limited to whatever server configuration the host is providing. But, with a dedicated server, you’ll have a much higher level of control. For example, you’ll be able to choose your own server operating system, install unique software, and even make hardware customizations to ensure optimum performance.


3. Fast Site Loading Speeds

Dedicated servers are fast. If you place a high level of importance on your site’s speed and user experience (which you should be), then a dedicated server can easily help you meet these needs. Even if you have a very high volume of monthly traffic, you’ll still be able to deliver your users an incredible experience.


4. Improved Website Security

Dedicated servers are also very secure. Since you’re the only user who’s using the server you’ll be able to create custom security protocols, like firewalls, web security checker, and more. You also won’t have to worry about any other sites sharing the server having weak security standards, like you do when using shared hosting.


5. Built-in support

A dedicated server from Indsoft is more than just a tool; it’s also a service. 

If you want all the advantages of a dedicated server, but are nervous about your technical prowess, don’t worry. 

Indsoft provides 24/7 support and is available to answer your questions or concerns, hook you up with the right server, and help you experience the best website/application experience possible. 


Cons of a Dedicated Server

However, a dedicated server isn’t perfect. Here are some of the disadvantages that might turn you away from using a dedicated server:

1. High Level of Technical Expertise Required

When using a dedicated server your hosting company generally won’t provide that much technical assistance. Server setup, configuration, maintenance, and more will all fall on your shoulders. If you don’t have the necessary technical skills, then you’ll probably need to bring on a team member for server configuration and maintenance.

However, some hosting providers will offer managed dedicated servers. In this scenario, the hosting provider will help to manage your server environment and take care of server setup, maintenance, updates, optimization, and more. 

2. Higher Monthly Hosting Costs

Dedicated server hosting is generally one of the most expensive forms of hosting. Since you’re not sharing server resources with any other users, you won’t be splitting these costs either. But, with these higher costs you’re getting access to extensive server resources that’ll greatly improve site performance.

However, if you’re the type of website owner who could benefit from a dedicated server, then you probably have the revenue to justify the cost. It’s also possible to save on cheap dedicated server hosting cost with more affordable plans.


Additional Features For Dedicated Hosting

  • Dedicated IP Address : When choosing a dedicated hosting plan, one important feature for a dedicated server is a dedicated IP address. A dedicated IP address helps keep your website safe from penalties caused by spammy customers on shared server space.
  • SSL Certificate : SSL Certificate can give you a secure way to transfer your customer’s private information. This 2048-bit encryption is great for secure data transfers between your website or application and your customers.
  • Hands-Off Upgrades : The management of your dedicated server is overseen by a team of in-house experts at the hosting company. Your OS security patches, cPanel and WHM updates, and custom configurations will be completely managed by this team.


Get a dedicated server

Hopefully, you have a better understanding of what dedicated server hosting actually is, how it can benefit your site,

Indsoft offers affordable and powerful dedicated servers that will eliminate lags, allow you full control of your web environment, and provide an all-around better experience for you and your friends. Check out our Dedicated Servers today!

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